Playing with pallets

After many experiments the range of natural wood pallet stars is complete.

The largest are 53cm across, the smallest 17cm and by making them in three different sizes I can use every spare part of the pallet.

The best bit is that every one is different because of the textures of the reclaimed wood.

About us

Stuff to things is just me. I build new products from stuff that has been neglected, abandoned and thrown away. I rescue and re-build, discover and re-design to produce new products.

Some of the products are made in batches from frequently discarded materials, others are one-off designs based on a unique found object. All of my designs aim to upcycle as much as possible, only using new materials where needed to ensure the products are effective and energy efficient.

Because the materials I use have a history they show marks of use and wear and have a unique feel and character. By re-using materials I keep the environmental impact to a minimum. In some of my designs everything has been saved from landfill including the screws, fixings and paints.

My goal is to create products people will love and use for years to come.